Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we sell gift cards.  They are available for purchase at our studio in any denomination.  They do not expire.

How does Paint-Your-Own-Pottery work?

Choose from a large selection of ceramics, including figurines, banks, bowls, mugs, plates, platters, and more.  Plan your one-of-a-kind design, and feel free to use our many stamps, stencils and sponges.  We will clear glaze and fire your pottery, and it will be ready in approximately 7 days.

All our paints are non-toxic, lead-free, and food-safe. Hand-wash your piece as you would any fine hand-painted pottery.  We recommend that you do not place your pottery in dishwashers and microwaves.

Can you fire pottery or glass that I made or purchased elsewhere?

It is studio policy that we do not fire materials made or purchased elsewhere.  Our kilns are programmed to fire the glass, bisque and glazes we sell at our studio.  If we don't know the specifics of how the materials are made and what they contain, they may damage our kilns.

What are your Open Studio Hours?

Please check our calendar for open studio times.

Please note that you will need to start a project at least one hour prior to closing.  Please visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for special annuncements.